Sheeva Yoga / Dog Eggs (split LP) !​!​!​Coming in 2017​!​!​!


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Couple songs from upcoming split 12'' with our mates - Dog Eggs (Leeds,UK). All Sheeva Yoga songs were recorded in Shaark studio during summer 2015 and full album's gonna be released by Dead Heroes Records, Totalitarianism Still Continues, Olga Hepnarová Records & Others later in 2017.

Listen to DOG EGGS at:


released March 5, 2017

Special thanks belong to Pepa (Dead Heroes) as guest vocalist and to Pavla (Tummo) for art work!



Track Name: Konec konců
Najdi Walda mezi kmeny,
když všechna těla visí bledě
od svěračů po provaz.
Apostrofy malované s grácií.
Nakonec všechno dopadne stejně
a ani tisíc zásadových názorů nic nezmění.
Hesla potí básně pod paží obskurních zásluh.
Protiklady v tandemu s láskou vrství vápno na denní listy.

COMMENT --> It’s natural to preserve what we love or what’s important to us both ways, physically and psychologically, and still hope for some kind of happy ending. Bet we could shoot an excellent nordic comedy based on our spontaneous acting. You wait a while before you laugh and even that won’t last for long. Guess that’s why many guys like US movies more.
Track Name: Hodnoty
Hodnoty se musí bránit
jinak ženou lidi do ulic,
běžného člověka trápí.
A co intelektuální elity?
Chrání hodnoty?
Ne, žíravinou postmoderny je potírají!
Musíme je oprašovat,
aby odolaly šokujícím indikátorům.
Furt samé hodnoty,
ale které to kurva jsou, Herr Robejšek?

COMMENT --> Values - nowadays became the most often evoked concept; spouted by the various types of neo-conservatives. This expression has got the real mobilising potential. Values are in jeopardy and must be protected, must be fought for, lives must be lived based on these values. Another one of the wonderful pieces of evidence pointing to the era of the empty words. But, significantly, it is not possible to go beyong the word values, to gather their real meaning. It would need to be admitted, that they mean social oppresion, segregation of some groups of citizens, removing civil rights, destroyed attempts for maximum equality, uncontrolled free market, authoritarian leader and the screaming power of the fanatical mob.